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On My Own currently has 12 Steam achievements that can be unlocked.

Name Description
Timber Timber! Chop down a tree
Forager Forager Forage food from an edible plant
Warmth Warmth! Start a fire to stay warm during the night
Handyman Handyman Craft an item to aid in survival
Trapper Trapper Catch 5 animals in snares or traps
Mountain Man Mountain Man Equip a fox skin hat
Lumberjack Lumberjack Chop 200 trees down
Bow Hunter Bow Hunter Kill 5 animals with a bow
Season Greetings Season Greetings Travel to the winter world
Fox Slayer Fox Slayer Kill 5 foxes
Adventurer Adventurer Travel to a different camp
Angler Angler Catch 5 fish

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